Bulk Density

ISO8967 Dried Milk and Dried Milk Products Bulk Density Tester

ISO8967 Dried Milk and Dried Milk Products Bulk Density Tester(CAT.NO.030198/CAT.NO.032798/CAT.NO.032698) is manufactured according to international standard ISO 8967 Dried milk and dried milk products — Determination of bulk density



This international standard specifies a method for the determination of the bulk density of dried whole milk, dried partly skimmed milk and dried skimmed milk as defined in FAO/WHO standard A-5, whether non-instant or instant.

The method is also applicable to dried whey, dried buttermilk and dried milk-based infant food, as well as to any of the dried products indicated above in which milk fat has been replaced by another fat, or which has been roller-dried instead of spray-dried.

Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this document, the following terms and defintions apply
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A test portion of the dried product in a measuring cylinder is tapped. After a specified number of taps, the volume of the product is recorded and its bulk density is calculated.

-Measuring cylinder
-Bulk density apparatus
-Laboratory spatula
-Powder funnel
-Laboratory brush

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Preparation of test sample
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Expression of results
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Test report
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