Bulk Density

AS-300 Apparent Density Tester (Version ISO 3923-1)

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Labulk-0303 Apparent Density Tester (Version ISO 3923-1)  uses funnel method for the determination of the apparent density of metallic powders under standardized conditions.It is intended for metallic powders  that flow freely through a 2.5mm diameter orifice. It may, however, be used for powders that flow with difficulty through a 2.5mm diameter orifice but flow through a 5 mm diameter orifice.

AS-300A Automatic Hall Flowmeter

AS-300A Automatic Hall Flowmeter



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  1. Ann-Marie 2017/10/27 21:53:11

    I am looking for an automated bulk density tested for salt. Do you have any recommendations?