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Sieve Shaker Experiment

Last update: May 26, 2017

Sieve shaker experiment


HMK-0501 test sieve shaker is a laboratory sieve shaker that uses an eccentric weight mounted on upper and lower ends of electric motor shaft to transform the motor rotary motion into three elementary motions (horizontal, vertical, inclined). After that it passes the motion to screen surface. Professional shaking makes the materials tumble, rotate and jump at the same time. It gives accurate and repeatable sieving analysis results each time the operator uses it. HMK-0501 works with standard test sieves to measure the particle size distribution of granular or powdery materials. It can also be used to determine the solid or impurities content in liquid.

Air Jet Sieve HMK-200 is a particle size analysis sieving machine for laboratory use. It works on latest air jet technology to determine particle size distribution of dry powders. Being widely used in almost every industry it has become a standard test sieve shaker equipment in the lab. AimSizer manufacture HMK-200 Manual Air Jet Sieve and HMK-200e Automatic Air Jet Sieve.


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