Bulk Density

10. AS-100 Tap Density Tester Problems and Solutions




Nixietube not lighten

Forget to turn on the unit

Turn on unit

fuse burned out

Use new fuse

Tapping not smooth

Linear bearing lack lubricant

Add some lubricant

No tapping

Forget to turn on speed adjuster

Turn on speed adjuster

Set low speed

Turn the knob clockwise

Tap finishes or TAP NUM “0”

Reset tap number

Report not clear or blank

Thermo paper installed in wrong direction or bad paper quality

Check the paper or replace

Printer does not work when press PRINT

Out of printing paper

Install new printing paper

LED shows Err 0

WT or VOL “0”

Reset WT and VOL

LED shows Err 1

WT “0”

Reset WT

LED shows Err 2

VOL “0”

Reset VOL

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