Bulk Density

3. AS-100 Tap Density Tester Definitions

3.1 No.: Reference number of the test.

3.2 Weight: weight of the powder

3.3 Volume: volume of the powder

3.4 Tap Num: tap number of the test

3.5 Result: test result

3.6 TAP NUM: tap number

3.7 START: start test

3.8 STOP: Stop tapping before obtaining a result. Test report only shows the actual tap numbers. In the absence of re-setting “TAP NUM”, press “START” button, the system continues the remaining tap.

3.9 NO. Reference number of the test

3.10 WT: weight of the powder

3.11 VOL: volume of the powder

3.12 “→”: Remove the last bit of data just entered.

3.13 CE: restore the system to boot state, all data is restored to the status before pressing OK

3.14 CAL: calculate on data obtained

3.15 PRINT: print test report

3.16 OK: save “TAP NUM,” “WT”, “VOL”, “No.” Operator needn’t input again when he test again if he does not change anything. Re-test samples, such as some of the data has not changed, the need to re-enter the data. “No.” is automatically increased by 1 after each calculation.

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