Bulk Density

3. AS-200 Scott Volumeter Structure

3.1 Top Funnel Complex: Made up of two cone-shaped stainless funnels, between them a stainless sieve (Dia.1.18mm) is set in

3.2 Chamber: the transect is square,4 glass sheet are set in the aluminum frame, the front and back side is synthetic glass; stainless steel boards are independent for easy cleaning

3.3 Square Funnel: Made up of stainless steel sheet (Thickness 1mm) at angle of 60degree, bottom size is 12.5mm×12.5mm

3.4 Cylinder Cup volume 25ml, net weight 46±1, made in stainless steel

3.5 Iron Base:Support top funnel complex, chamber, square funnel and cylinder cup.

3.6 Scale: Weigh powder to the accuracy of 0.05g (user has to prepare)

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