Bulk Density

9. AS-100 Tap Density Tester Maintenance

9.1 Power supply should be between 200V to 240V, In case there is unstable voltage or impulse disturbance, a precision purifying AC power supply is necessary.

9.2 The equipment should be placed on a table smooth, firm, vibration-free, percussion-free, to prevent slipping.

9.3 Handle carefully when moving it.

9.4 Do not let liquid flow into or spill inside the instrument.

9.5 Do not turn the power off and on within 5 seconds.

9.6 Check the ground cable occasionally.

9.7 Power may stay inside of the linear bearing during tapping, clean it with a brush. Lubricate the bearing regularly.

9.8 Installing printing paper:

AS-100 uses thermal paper width 57.5 ± 0.5mm. Printing paper is installed when export. The green LED becomes flashing when the paper runs out. Turn off the unit, and then press the round button to open paper cabinet, remove the paper tube and load the new paper. Make the thermal side facing up. Close the door, and pull the paper end out from the slot. Turn on the unit, the green light stop flashing. Press the green LED (green LED also works as a key), a section of printing paper moves forward.

When the unit is turned off, press the green button, at the same time turn on the unit then leave the green LED, it prints self-check slip.

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