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Angle of Repose Measurement

Angle of Repose Measurement

Nov 15, 2017

Powder Angle of Repose

HMKFlow 329 is an apparatus of angle of repose usp 1174 used to measure the angle of repose of pharmaceutical powders. Powder angle of repose is part of  powder flow test. HMKFlow 329  conforms to US Pharmacopoeia Chapter USP 1174 and European Pharmacopoeia Chapter EP 2.9.36. It also meets ISO 4324 and agricultural fertilizers(ISO 8398). The angle of repose is the angle of the conical pile produced when a granular sample is poured onto a horizontal surface (test platform).

HMKFlow 329 Powder Angle of Repose Analyzer

HMKFlow 329 consists of a stand, funnel, stirrer, test platform and a digital height gage, having a range of 0-300 mm and an accuracy of 0.05 mm.

Pour sample into the funnel and stir the sample if necessary, the powder produce a cone on the test platform and use a digital gage measure the height of the pile. The tangent of the angle of repose (in degrees) can be determined by reading off the height of the powder cone in mm from the digital display of the height gage and dividing it by 50.

Table EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA 2.9.36-1. – Flow properties and corresponding angles of repose

  • • 25-30° Angle of repose corresponds to Excellent flow property
  • • 31-35° Angle of repose corresponds to Good flow property
  • • 36-40° Angle of repose corresponds to Fair – aid not needed flow property
  • • 41-45° Angle of repose corresponds to Passable – may hang up flow property
  • • 46-55° Angle of repose corresponds to Poor – must agitate, vibrate flow property
  • • 56-65° Angle of repose corresponds to Very poor flow property
  • • >66° Angle of repose corresponds to Very, very poor flow property

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