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ISO4490 Metallic Powders Flow Rate Hall Flowmeter



ISO4490 Metallic Powders Hall Flowmeter is used to determine the flow rate of metallic powders by means of a calibrated funnel(Hall flowmeter) manufactured according to international standard ISO 4490 Metallic Powders – Determination of flow rate by means of a calibrated funnel (Hall flowmeter)

AS-300 Hall Flowmeter (Funnel) /Hall Flow Meter (Funnel) determines both Flow Rate and Apparent Density of free-flowing metallic powders as well as other fine powders in various particle size distributions with calibrated hall flowmeter funnel.

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  1. Aamir Aamir 2017/05/22 23:33:54

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    I would like to request a quote for (1) Hall flow meter funnel and (1) Apparent density cup.

    Please let me know you pricing and lead times for the above equipment. We are located in the US and I want to inquire if you have a US distributor I can contact directly for powder testing equipment.

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    We would like an offer of the ISO4490 Metallic Powders Flow Rate Hall Flowmeter

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