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ISO9161 Uranium Dioxide Powder Tap Density Tester

ISO9161 Uranium Dioxide Powder Tap Density Tester(CAT.NO.030198/CAT.NO.032798/CAT.NO.032698) is manufactured according to internatioal standard ISO 9161 Uranium dioxide powder — Determination of apparent density and tap density



This international standard specifies a method of determining the apparent density and tap density of free-flowing uranium dioxide (UO2) powder which will be used for pelleting and sintering of UO2 pellets as a nuclear fuel.

Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.

A calibrated density cup containing a weighed portion of sample is tapped by means of a special apparatus. The tapping conditions are fixed. The tap density is determined from the weight and volume of the powder after the treatment.

-Tapping device
-Adjustable counter

Sampling and samples
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Expression of results
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Test report
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