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LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester

Last update: Nov 15, 2017

LABULK 0335 Intelligent Tap Density Tester measures tap density. LABULK 0335 is an intelligent tap density tester used to measure the tap density of powders. It consists of touch panel, printer, electronic balance, tap assembly, motor and glass cylinders. LABULK 0335 is designed according to all known international standards The parameters are flexible to set in order to get results as per users diversified requirements. In addition to auto measurement, auto print and auto calculation of tap density, LABULK 0335 can also automatically measure the flowability of this powder such as Hausner Ratio and Compressibility Index. Powder flowability measurement.


  • Tapped density
  • Compressibility Index
  • Hausner Ratio

LABULK 0335 Tap Density Tester  is widely used in measuring

powder flowability measurement

powder flowability measurement

  • Metallic powders
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Formed catalyst and catalyst carriers
  • Fine catalyst particles and catalyst carrier particles
  • Pigments and extenders
  • Instant coffee
  • Dried milk and dried milk products
  • Uranium dioxide powder

AS-100 Tap Density Tester(1 Station)  features

  • Flexible parameter adjustment
  • Digital LCD display
  • Membrane buttons
  • Internal printer
  • Internal calculator





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  1. Standards 2013/12/18 14:28:58

    What international standards does AS-100 Tap Density Tester meet?
    -AS-100 Tap Density Tester meets USP 616,EP2.9.15,ISO3953,ASTM B527,ISO787,ASTM D4164,ASTM D4781,ISO8460,ISO8967,ISO9161

  2. Applications 2013/12/28 17:33:35

    What applications are AS-100 tap density tester manufactured for?
    -AS-100 tap density tester meets requirements of industries such as pharmaceuticals,metallic powders,pigments and extenders,formed catalyst and catalyst carriers,instant coffee,dried milk and products and uranium dioxide powders etc.

  3. PATEL VIJAYKUMAR NANUBHAI 2017/05/11 13:34:53

    May I have a quote for AS-100 Tap Density Tester(2 Stations with Printer). Thank you so much.

  4. R. Smiles 2017/05/13 07:43:04

    Looking for an instrument to measure the bulk density of copper and zinc powdered concentrates, and an idea of the price of this instrument.

  5. gerson saldarriaga 2017/06/09 00:18:03

    goor morning
    i need quote a digital densimeter to sodium bicarbonate
    i beleve in the SA-100 model

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